The Oral History Manual, 3rd edition

The proposal for the third edition of The Oral History Manual submitted by Mary Kay Quinlan and me to Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., has been accepted. The publication is due out in 2018,

As co-authors., Mary Kay Quinlan and I are working on the third edition of The Oral History Manual. We’re adding information about updates and advances in oral history methodology, interviewing, and the impacts of technology and are looking forward to its 2018 release date.

The third edition of The Oral History Manual is due out in June/July 2018. Look for information about it on the Rowman & Littlefield website.

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About Barb Sommer

Barbara W. Sommer, M.A., has over thirty-five years of experience in the oral history field. She has been principal investigator and director of more than twenty major oral community history projects and has taught oral history in post-secondary and community settings. She has presented keynote addresses at a number of regional oral history conferences, is a presenter at state, national, and international conferences, and is a long-time member of the Oral History Association (OHA) where she served in several leadership positions. She is the author and co-author of several key publications in the field including The Oral History Manual (3rd edition 2018), The American Indian Oral History Manual: Making Many Voices Heard (2008), the Community Oral History Toolkit (2013), Practicing Oral History in Historical Organizations (2015), and Doing Veterans Oral History (2015). She also is the author of the award-winning book Hard Work and a Good Deal: The Civilian Conservation Corps in Minnesota (2008). She holds degrees from Carleton College and the University of Minnesota.